2016 Reading List

This year I helped lead our church in a Year of Biblical Literacy. This means I spent the year rapidly studying and disseminating Bible scholarship, trying to cover a ton of ground. I learned a lot about the scriptures and how to practically equip people to better understand them. It was a kind of deep dive into workable biblical theology. It was fun and frustrating. Because in addition to this demanding endeavor I lost most of my personal reading and writing time due to becoming a dad. As I recently remarked on, it was a kind of year without writing and without reading. I actually probably read and wrote more words than ever this year, but it was predominantly related to this year-long Bible initiative. It was kind of what I imagine a year of full-time seminary to feel like - lots of great study, but very little thoughtful time devoted to the rest of life, to non-study. There was a scarcity of poetry, fiction and "fun reads". The major exceptions included starting Harry Potter during paternity leave (while my sleep-deprived brain perfectly aligned with the 5th-grade reading level of Sorcerer's Stone) and spending most of December in a kind of last-month-of-senior-year fantasy literature frenzy. 

I also learned about myself this year, and about my relationship with books. For one, it's not going away. I'l be a reader of books regardless of circumstance, regardless how difficult it may feel. And I'll be invested both in academic/theological reading as well as more creative reading as well. I need both. And I've finally fully realized my nerdy love of fantasy fiction and good sic-fi. 

I recommend all of these, but my favorites are bolded:


Bible and Theology

Other Nonfiction




Short Stories