Wondrous She

If I were to slip

Off into the great gray mist

That is beyond this life,

You, my beloved wife,

Would be my final kiss

To it all.

A man can die fine

With a grace like you beside.

While I pass, I shall

Smile and laugh

At those awestruck amassed,

Saying, "She?"

"Yes, she is his bride."

"Oh! Well then glory be!

What a tale it has been

With wondrous she by his side!"

And in my misty blissful sifting,

I shall heave up my arms

Unto the door.

In glee,

As that on our wedding we bore,

With thanks

For the glittering pearl I was given.

Then there I will be,

Rejoicing in He

Who brought wondrous you 

To wandering me.

Then, to the wondering world

You shall be

The lingering kiss

Of a love unseen.