Ninth Day

"Because he saw everything, mountains and streams and landscapes, as evolving, unfinished, in the process of creation, there is a pervading sense of vitality in all he wrote."

-Edwin Way Teale, describing John Muir


Of course the Good Lord's creating

Hasn't ceased.

We live each day amidst a world

In birth and death,

But how?

For God is.

He lives.

Histories pose no bounds to Him.

A good, true God

Cannot finish creating,

For to finish would be to abandon.

A mother does not one moment

A child make,

Rather, she is long a child-maker,

A lifelong life-giver.

To stop the process 

Is to exit the scene:


But blessed is He,

Who is forever wed to thee!

Yahweh continues

In the constant creation 

That comes to us

As sustenance and restoration.

We are living a long, tragic, victorious

Ninth day of creation. 

Christ came to deliver the world

From the fatal eighth,

And now for Day Ten we wait,

Perpetually sustained,

Suspended by grace, 

Receiving daily

The bread of the age.