Sea Storm Aftermath

Foxtrot and sand prance

filling socks and tracing paths

sidling an aftermath

seeking meaning seeing signs

shorings and bearings

scourging and burial

hurry was here just hours ago

sand glaciers storm stuck

between seagrass bastions 

silvered now intertwined

by moonlight and sunrise

heather and tansy

storm shorn and divided

beach dust like snow blown 

here to crud and crust  

there to wandering wave layer

and wisp whispers on the run

something here is hiding something

the scene was scoured fiercely

yet remains unclean

a landscape of scheming teeming

with excavated evidence

trash troves that speak 

of loss ache anger fear

clues of chaos' bootprint here

proof of chill abandoned night

men bent on end and left

like the beach burr in wind

blown beaten buried breathless

sand-scripted and wind-written 

storm-shored and sea-found

all the meaning here now 

in the seashore aftermath 

but will we bear to heed it?