Kept still

From running

Past words afloat

Too close 

Chest high

and metallic sour,

Forced to face

A distaste of self

Too stiff to sit with;

Found and found out,

Frantic for 

An unfound hole 

To kneel in,

A soddened mossy

Dimly hidden

Forest dungeon 

One can plunge in

Now unfound;

But stuck instead

As an unkempt 

Uncleansed self 

Squirming in the 

Burning light 

Projected by

A dejected bride,

And made to lay

Upon a table

The unearthed worm

Of wounded pride,

Wanting at once

To be held and hid

Helped and drunk

But kept instead 

In a place un-alone 

Utterly known

Standing fettered

In an ugly understanding;

Loved but unlovely,