The House of Scorn

"But I am a worm and not a man, 

   scorned by everyone, despised by the people. 

All who see me mock me; 

   they hurl insults, shaking their heads."

And here today I find myself residing

  In this unwelcomed house of scorn

Wanting for right words and vindication

   Yet left defenseless in acidic silence;

In this lonely home the only comfort

   Is quiet conversation with these confessions

Found in the twenty-second psalm

   And on the tongue and torso of my Lord.

Here alone can I hear Him speak these humiliations

   And only now can I behold Him holding this burden

Having been born to bear these hurts and curses,

  Having dwelt here undefended in this house we built;

Indeed only here at the helpless bottom 

   Can I see my God made man made worm

In the eyes of despising men as I

  In my own angers and failures have become;

Here I find that this house of misery

   Is in truth the temple of the Lord 

Made sacred by His surrender

   Of the same self-defense I burn for,

And sight of this is tonic strong enough

   To sanctify and strengthen my own letting go,

Through the night mocked and despised 

   Yet held at rest united with the Christ,

Piecing together the peace of communion

   Precisely here in our shared bearings,

Feeling pain and comfort in being

   Pierced together in surrender to insult,

Finding holy consolation in our dwelling together

   Here in this house of scorn.