The Aftermath

Do the aftermath

Which is not just a state of mess

But the holy work of being there

Man's sacred neighborly vocation

So be the one to do it

And as you do

Show the work

Of how you got there

How you counted out the costs

Become an aftermathematician

Wisened in the way of retrospect

And patient steady presence to a place

Be the one who sees things through

The seasons and their storms

Be the thing remaining loyally here

Strangely still and unaffected

Dig your feet deep into your local soil

Prepared to weather the wind's volitions

While breathing deep of other air

Unknown but wanted there

Be in a word a tree

Maintain a strange soul and familiar face

Planning in time to have seen

Beginnings and endings

Regrets and recollections

And to know the way things go

Having remained through to do

All the necessary blessing work

Of the aftermath