Keep Us

Keep us 


From the cool heart 

Of cold wisdom

Seen in the neatness


Of a people posed

As peopled machinery

Mechanized aesthetics

Of a life in love

An analytic conflagration

Of man and woman

Engineering the very breath of life

Into a system of personality types

Reeking of personhood denied


Barely implied

A thing to be mastered

Downloaded and digitized


Keep us 


From the fool's 

Cold bargain trading

Sparkling eyes as divine signs

For a set of manmade management controls 

Or warm pity for a shrouded soul

Replaced by the experts' many terms for hurting


Keep us 

Huddled in the dust

That is our birthright and burden

And bed to be buried in

Keep us

Attentive to that deathbed identity

That unites us into the fine silt

Of imminence and transcendence

Combined and conspiring 

Both completion and question

The final symbol

Of our all having been alive here