verb  set·tle  \ˈse-təl\

Definitively defined by our old maid Merriam(-Webster):

to place so as to stay / to furnish with inhabitants / to make quiet / to arrange for final disposition of / to come to rest / to sink gradually or to the bottom / to silence or subdue someone by decisive action


Does the world know a word so sad as settle?

A legion of demon preachers set out to settle their families and manifest their furies down upon the brown man's homeland. 

A factory line of sleepwalkers drone through the motions, live-working for nothing but the comfort of a dreamed retail easiness.

Conquerors and pity mongers

Envy-sick and worry-stricken

Enemies of everyone.

All forms of the verb

Are borne of fear

And give birth to fear.

The beginning (and result)

Of society: fear of man.


Settling and settling down: the white man's burden

     Settlement as stealing, moving in

     Settling as quitting, laying down


Here we are

"...Having to abide

Whatever we settled for and settled into, 

Against our better judgment."

That's Heaney Weighing In

Describing everything.