The Prophetic Loneliness

To see like sun the wrong at bay

and believe the good that could be

and to rise each troubled day  

to choose again the path uneasy


To know the price and want for truth to pay:

misconstrued, ill-perceived, painted as the very ill

you seek to heal and made alone to walk the way

wrong, unfair, unjust, alone. Alone, alone at will


To suffer long and well this wound of isolation 

and drink the ancient dregs of justice tarried

for which the only offered balm is vindication

and in its absence to grow weak but never wary


It is to wait and wait and throbbing wait

to not become all that you're said to be

patient for a miracle to echo through the ache

in the words, "I was wrong. Please forgive me."


And if today is not that day

to rise again to face the lonely tests

to stay the path of truth, to stay to stay 

until returns One to stand above the rest 


with words of "Welcome faithful child.

Your weariness is over. Come lay yourself to rest.

My peace is yours so stay just stay,

I'll be with you in awhile."