An Altar On The Water

Take me up on cloud

to cloud

to the mass of mist

that is 

heaven's mystery.

Bear and unburden me

on wings of peace

to the peace I've missed

in dogma's freefall certainties.

Take me. 

Turn me.

Hold me.

Burn me.

Show me all there is

I cannot see.

Return me to myself 

my God my Doubt

and Desperation Prayer,

in song.

Take me to 

an altar on the water

where I can leave

my tunic and demands.

Scold me with your silence 

and persistence in it

and hang me toe to sky

upon your bloodied tree.

Singe my lips with

your wretched quiet

lack of answers

and prune me of the pride

which claims to know your names.

Lame me.

Bless me 

Keep me.

Shine a light that sets 

my little righteous lamp

of facts ablaze.

Bury and rebear me  

Anew again,

Again again anew.