Imagine Imaging

It struck me like a doorbell:

The need to hear less noise.

So I sprang and walked

To this little city hill

To sit awhile on high,

Smiling down upon

My noiseful lazeless place,

For a moment undone

Of my noisy ways. 


“You shall be as God

To them,” he said;

He being God and You

But one among men, them. 

But do we dare imagine

Imaging the Almighty?

As God, He said:

To stand and rule

In his stead, 

To accept the crown

and bare the face

Of Him who seeks

To make and reign

Via agents seated

Just below the angels

(So to speak).


Are we brave enough

In deed to believe

In ourselves

As the chosen, only

Modus operandi

For world and kingdom


Or are we God-kings

and Beauty queens

Sheepishly sleeping?

Afraid to wake

To our Great place, 

Grave and debilitating

As gravity. 


I’ll let the mind-grabbing

Gravity of my Sacred

Place in this play

Tug me down now

Back to the flatlands

Of town.

As God to them, 

One can somehow descend

Into the many sounds

Of man’s long

Lingering demands

For a king’s redeeming.


Dare I, a man, alone,

Believe the reign

Of God at hand,

Though He be gone,

Then I must hear

Beneath the silence

The music of who I am; 

Must divine the lyre-note

Behind the lyrics

Of this laden song.


And then to let

My earthbeing sing

The sacred gracious

Latency of God upon

A long-vacant throne.

Let my life and way,

I pray,

Be so spacious as to

Make the royal lovesong,

“You shall be as God

To them,” be said;

To say and so to merit sung,

“And your brother” — 

He of able tongue — 

"Shall be your prophet."