Ancient River

Oh Ancient of Days

Whose most patient of ways

Long ago paved forth

All living and Life,

Make once more

A path of grace

For all that now

Know only your Name.

Etch yet again 

A slow-sought ravine

Through our calloused courses.

As cold mountains scattered of old,

Sunder our stubborn heights

With your Great River

That riving and dividing

Unites all things. 

Let flow a winding tumult

To pioneer your Peace;

Set to rhythm sleeping

Springs, smothered under rubble,

But bubbling, rumbling yet,

This water that bleeds and 

Breathes into every living thing.

Undam your blessed eyes;

Release the healing tear ducts

Of your long unwearied weeping.

Cry forth a path of life

For all us sleeping

Willows, needy beings

Who need for your Being

Deep within us.

Soak our arid trails

With tears hard bought

And for years long stored,

Carried thus to us

In the fragile earthen jar

Of that Tale ever told.

Nourish these dusty bones,

River of Love, so old.

Quench our shallow roots;

Soften and unloose those knotty

Nooses of our long-doomed undoing.


Let flow in me

Your steady stream

Of Life, oh Ancient of Days!

Plant me, root me,

Water me in your ways.

For born of dusty flesh

I am fertile yet

For the seed of Love

That uproots death.