Camden, which is also Tim's middle name, is Scottish, meaning from the winding valley

This space is a mama&papa blog of sorts. We collect and recollect and share various digital snapshots of our new life as a pilgrim-family of three. These words and photographs are a kind of digital memorial celebrating the winding valley of God's sustaining grace that we've traversed together. Our effort to place memory-stones here, which we have had to fight for, is us pausing along the way like adventure-struck hobbits needing, wanting to ponder the wonder of the journey. 

And since we're not the hugest fans of social media (Tim especially), this will be where most of the precious pictures end up. As Bilbo and Frodo both learned in their own way (to continue with metaphors from Middle Earth), great adventures become wonderful journeys precisely in the sharing of adventure. So our humble hope is that through partaking in this digital storytelling you would know us and our son better and feel less alone on your own great adventure. If you'd like to connect further, don't be shy!


Note: Most of the best photos. especially from maternity and Cam's first month, were taken by our incredibly talented friend Felix Uribe. Check out his work at