I'm Tim Ritter

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I write, podcast, adventure on bicycle, and seek spiritual wisdom for our wounded world.

And this is my blog, where I use words and photographs to reflect on the grace and wisdom that life has revealed along the way.

It's called Consider the Pigeons because my wife Monique and I started it a few years ago when we lived in the heart of San Francisco, where grimy city pigeons were the only daily reminder of life beyond the urban world. Jesus told his friends to consider the birds and lilies in order to find peace and beautiful solace in life. For us, considering the pigeons was both a real and desperate spiritual practice for living a good, rich urban life, but it also functioned as an homage to the tensions inherent wherever we find ourselves. 

In 2017, Monique and I sacrificed our careers and biked with our son Camden from San Francisco to Bend, Oregon. When we got there, we decided to stay. Now, we have mountains and rivers and birds galore to enjoy and ponder. And so many trees! But the blog and the phrase represent the same essential idea: Everywhere we go, we are surrounded both by vast human struggle as well as an endless resource of "natural" wisdom and beauty. Perspective, and learning to see well, makes a world of difference.


From one pilgrim to another, cheers! I hope you find what you're looking for.